What is Cross Connection Control or Better Known as Backflow Prevention? 

It is a program implemented by Provincial and Municipal Governments to prevent the contamination of our precious drinking water. The program focuses on industries and commercial business and some multi-residential properties. It usually comes to light as a local bylaw and all parties affected are expected to get on board with the program. A “Bylaw” not an “Option”.

How does the method of prevention work? 

A mechanical device called a backflow preventer is installed on the water service leading to your property. In the event of a negative pressure in the water service, the device closes and prevents any bad water from the building back out into the municipal water.

What is the big concern? 

If in the building there is a cross connection between the domestic water and say, something harmful like chemicals or poisons, through a rubber hose or plumbing pipe. The negative pressure we spoke about earlier would act as a siphon and draws the chemicals or non-potable water into the water service. When the pressure is restored to the building, now the chemicals are released into your potable water and someone could drink it through a drinking fountain, coffee machine, or even washing your face. Result could be serious illness or death.

This is known as “Premise Isolation”. In larger industrial and commercial buildings, such as Hospitals, Automotive Manufacturing, Schools, Food Processing Facilities, Funeral Homes, and Nurseries to name just a few, there are areas that maybe harmful to your employees if Cross Connection occurs.

We need to install Backflow Preventer Devices in various Zones of the building to protect the employee from contaminated water. This is called “Zone Protection”.

There are so many more examples we can share on how “Cross Connection & Backflow Prevention” works. For further information and inquiries please contact us at 519-621-2206 or emailing us at anne@gowingbrothersplumbing.com.

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