Water Safety with Rural Living

If you’re living outside the radius of municipal water systems, you’re likely using a dug or drilled well for your source of water. When bringing untreated water into your home, it’s imperative to pay close attention to the condition of the water. Regular testing is required to ensure you understand the amount of bacteria and contaminants present.

There are several ways you can clean and condition the water to make sure it’s safe and clean for use within the home. Perhaps the most important piece of equipment is an ultraviolet (UV) light. When water is passed through a UV light system, it can instantly kill harmful bacteria. We recommend always using regardless of whether your water test results demonstrate a safe level of contaminants.

Often home owners test their water every few months, having a UV light installed ensures safety if anything should change with the quality of water between the collection of testing samples.

UV lights, however, do little to remove particulates/sediment and other contaminants in the water coming into the home! You will also likely need a water softener, iron filtration or other backwashable automatic filters installed prior to the UV light to remove contaminants and allow the light to shine bright and do its job correctly!

Gowing Brothers Plumbing and water conditioning can assess your water sample and determine the necessary pieces of equipment needed for your rural home or place of business.

Your family’s safety is important! Call us to arrange an appointment with our water quality experts (519) 621-2206.

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