Smart Home Water Monitoring and Conservation

An amazing product currently out on the market is ‘Flo’ by Moen. The system helps avert disaster and conserve water in the home.

Flo by MoenHaving a water disaster in the home is stressful and often expensive. The Flo system helps protect homeowners from costly plumbing system failures. The handy smart system is a 24/7 monitoring device for your home’s water usage. It can simultaneously monitor your water consumption and detect the smallest leaks.

The system easily connects to the water pipe inside the home and uses your wifi network to report activity back to your mobile device.

You can monitor water usage data such as flow rate, pressure and temperature. Get all of your alerts in real time. The system will even shut off your water immediately if it detects a pipe burst or dangerous water pressure buildup. This really is a great tool and a great investment for your home.

If you’re interested in learning more, give us a call, (519) 621-2206. We can install the device and get you going on water conservation and damage protection.

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