Remembrance Day in Cambridge

PoppyWe’ll soon be ready to remember those who fought and/or gave their lives for our freedom. Remembrance Day is that special occasion where we really think about those brave men and women who served to protect our freedoms. The reality is however, that every day is a day of remembrance. Every day we are reminded of their sacrifices.

Cambridge (Galt, Preston and Hespeler) has many stories of young men and women who either served overseas or did their part at home. We are reminded of these local heros by the Cambridge ‘Poppy Streets’ Program to honour our veterans.

The life we live today, the jobs we have, the families we raise and the contributions we can now make are because of those who decided to stand up to hate, tyranny and repression. We thanked them the day they came home, we thanked them they day they died and we will thank them again this Remembrance Day.

If you’d like to view all the current streets by visiting the City of Cambridge interactive map:

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