Low Water Pressure in Your Cambridge Home?

Low water pressure in your home may be caused by several things. If you have an older home with older pipes, it’s possible that they may be clogged from years of residue buildup. If you’ve recently shut off your water main or any interior valves, check that they have been fully turned to the ON position.

However, in Cambridge, low water pressure is often due to your water softener.

Water softeners have two ‘tanks’. One is the container where salt is stored (brine tank), the other is the tank that holds resin/beads (resin tank). Water passes through the resin tank where minerals in the water are attracted to the beads and stick to them. This provides a filtering mechanism for our ‘hard’ Cambridge water.

Water SoftenerWhen softeners make those loud noises once every few weeks, that’s the regenerate cycle. What it’s doing is actually cleaning the beads with a salty brine solution that it mixes – that’s why you add salt! That salt brine is flushed down the drain so that it doesn’t enter our drinking water in the home.

Over time, these beads in the resin tank will bread down. They form a gelatinous clump in the container. You may notice that water is becoming discoloured or the water pressure in your home is less than expected. If this is the case, you need to replace the resin bed in the tank. However, it is likely more cost effective to replace the softener unit itself.

To avoid damaging your pipes or fixtures with hard water, we recommend having your water softener professionally serviced once a year.

If you’re looking for a Cambridge Plumber that can help with this, don’t hesitate to call Gowing Brothers Plumbing for your water softener inspection. It’s an affordable service that can help maintain the health of your home, pipes and water quality.

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