Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that no two plumbing jobs are the same and that customers will have questions. We have done our best to list some of the most common questions and answers below. If you don't see your question answered below, don't hesitate to call us, (519) 621-2206.

  • Why should I hire a licensed plumber?

    Using a handyman for specific plumbing issues is much like going to the barber to get your teeth fixed - don't laugh, that used to happen. Work done improperly can often lead to damage and further costs to diagnose and fix the errors.

  • Is Gowing Brothers Plumbing certified to do my work?

    Yes we are! We have fully certified plumbers on staff. We all regularly take plumbing courses to keep up with changes in the industry.

  • What are your payment terms?

    We can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Debit, Cash, Cheque and E-Transfer.

  • My toilet seems to running all the time. Why is that?

    Mostly likely the parts in the tank portion of the toilet are beginning to fail. The flapper is not sealing itself correctly allowing water to constantly flow into the bowl. This should be fixed as soon as possible as the wasted water can be a fairly expensive surprise on your next water bill.

  • Why does my faucet keep dripping no matter how hard I tighten it?

    The inner workings of a faucet won't last forever. The rubber gaskets eventually break down and metal corrodes. Over time, faucets will need to be repaired or replaced. Normally we suggest a replacement and depending on the faucet manufacturer, there may be a warranty on the product.

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