Fall Plumbing Tips

As we move into fall (eventually), it’s time to start thinking about preparing our homes for the colder weather.

We need to make sure our eavestroughs, pipes and faucets are in good shape to make it through the harsh temperatures.

Some fall tips from Gowing Brothers Plumbing:

  • The first task should be to disconnect your outside water hoses. If you don’t, the water WILL freeze in the hose. This frozen water will back up into the tap itself and can burst the pipe outside – or worse inside of your home. If your pipe bursts, even outside, it will not stop flowing until the water is shut off from inside the home.
  • Turn off the water going to the outside taps. Once you’ve turned off the inside-shutoff, test the outside taps by turning them on. They should leak for a moment, then stop completely.
  • Clean your eavestrough early. This is sometimes tricky. You want to clean them once the leaves are off eaves cleaningthe trees, but you also want to clean them before they freeze in the eavestrough. Some years, the cold temperatures move in before the trees are completely cleared. We recommend doing it a bit early, before the leaves are off the trees, then again after they have all fallen. This way, you are guaranteed to at least remove some.
  • Check your sump pump. We always suggest checking this again in early spring, but now is a good time as well. Pour a bucket of water in the hole (or use an interior hose) and make sure the pump evacuates the water. If it’s not working or you smell a foul odour, call Gowing Brothers Plumbing. We’ll come and inspect the unit. It may be a very quick fix.
  • Check pipes. Check all pipes in your home where they are exposed to cold. If they are at risk for low temperatures, make sure they are properly insulated.
  • Don’t forget to properly winterize your pool house. We know you likely won’t – this is an easy one and most pool owners are diligent. Drain the lines and use a non-toxic antifreeze where necessary.

Frozen outside faucet

The faucet shown here was not drained or shutoff prior to the arrival of sub-zero temperatures. Avoid costly repairs.

If you are not sure how to check your pipes or test sump pump, call Gowing Brothers Plumbing at (519) 621-2206 or send us an e-mail.

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