Fall Plumbing Preparation

As the last day of summer has now passed us by, we need to prepare for fall. It’s time to check the snowblower oil levels, get fresh new gas and put it in that accessible spot for the winter.

Also it’s time to think about how the cold weather affects you home’s plumbing. Those of us who are homeowners, most have outside taps that need some care. Most faucets protruding from you home’s foundation, brickwork or siding will contain pressurized water at all times. This means they are susceptible to freezing in the cold weather. Since water expands when it freezes, this can cause pipes to crack and cause unwanted and potentially costly fixes.

To solve that issue, remember to shut off the water supply to the outside faucets – and then briefly turn the outside faucets on to help drain the pipe. If you have a relief valve inside near the shutoff for outside taps, you can open it up to allow water out to drain the pipe further.

The other item to address is your hot water tank. Many of you turn down your tank’s temperature for the summer months (good idea). You may have already noticed that you are needing more hot water in the shower or filling a tub. Remember to turn the temperature up slowly over a few days until you get the right balance of available hot water. BE CAREFUL! We don’t recommend turning the hot water tank up to MAX temperature as it can be a scalding danger to you and your loved ones.

Be smart and safe when it comes to home’s plumbing this fall.

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