Backflow Prevention in Cambridge

We know that when we turn on the taps in our home, the result is clean flowing water. It’s a service we all pay for it and works consistently and surprisingly well. It’s hard to imagine the flow moving in the other direction – our fixtures sucking water through faucets – but it can actually happen.

The water pressure in our home remains relatively constant. There are times however that an unexpected demand for service on the system may occur. If several fire hydrants are tapped or a water main bursts, we may find our own water pressure drops. It may drop to the point where our taps could siphon water into the system. Examples of this can happen if you have a garden hose in a pool, hot tub, or sitting water on your property.

If water siphons into the potable water supply, there is a risk of contamination to the general public as well as on your own premises.

Fortunately there are devices to prevent this backflow into the system. Sure enough, they are called backflow preventers.

In Cambridge, we are not yet required by law to have annually tested backflow prevention devices residentially – except with hose connection vacuum breakers (HCVB) at outside taps. Commercially it is a requirement. A device must be installed at the place of business and a certified installer must perform it. Gowing Brothers Plumbing is licensed to install and test backflow devices. A certified professional must test these annually.

Gowing Brothers Plumbing offers annual testing and surveys of backflow prevention devices and we submit the required documentation on your behalf so that your business continues to run smoothly.

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