Water Softeners and Heaters

At Gowing Brothers Plumbing Services, we have years experience installing water softeners and heaters.

As you may know, the water in this region is very rich with minerals. These minerals can build up over time on fixtures such as sinks, taps, toilets and inside of our water heaters. This buildup can restrict flow and proper operation of your home’s plumbing equipment.

It’s important to have a reliable water softener installed in your home to help remove some of the minerals prior to getting to your fixtures. It will prevent early failures and make your job of cleaning much easier.

We install many different brands of softeners and heaters and do provide a lease-to-own program.

Call Gowing Plumbing Brothers to assess or repair your home’s hard water and make the best recommendation on proper equipment.
Water Softeners and Heaters

Reverse Osmosis & Water Treatment Systems

We install a wide variety of Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Water Treatment systems for residential homes and commercial businesses. We would be happy to show you the benefits of drinking purified water.

Before you can select the right system, we’ll need to assess the quality of your water and understand the quantity of treated water your home or business will require. We’ll make an assessment of your usage and recommend the right unit for you.

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