The Importance of Maintaining Your Sump Pump

We don’t often think about maintaining our sump pumps. After all, they aren’t used much. Most homeowners feel that since they come on once or twice a year, they should last forever.

While this may be partially true, they do operate in a harsh environment. They work hard at pumping water from your home, but they also are exposed to dirt, minerals and sludge. Once the water levels recede, the sump pump retains a coating of this sediment. After a season or two, it can get pretty mucked up – and this hampers its performance.

If you think you’d like to tackle getting more life from your current sump pump, here are some steps we recommend:

  1. Find the float switch on the pump in the hold and lift it up briefly. You should hear the sump kick on. If it doesn’t come on, check the plug. If it still won’t turn on, consider replacement.
  2. Next let’s start the maintenance process. Start by unplugging the electrical cord from the receptacle.
  3. Disconnect the plumbing discharge line
  4. Lift the pump out of the pit and remove to outside. You may need to place the pump into the pail so dirt doesn’t drip all over the floor

  5. Spray off pump with hose to remove dirt and sludge. You may need to use scrub brush here

  6. Check inside pump housing for any foreign matter

  7. Replace pump into pit, connect discharge line and plug into electricity

  8. Manually fill pit with water to test pump

  9. Under no circumstance disassemble pump or motor unless certified to do so

As our summers seemingly get more susceptible to flooding, a sump pump is an important asset in your home.

If you feel you are nearing the end of your sump pump’s lifespan or you are unable to perform these maintenance steps, we encourage you to send us a message or give us a call – (519) 621-2206. We’d be happy to pay you a visit for your peace of mind.

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