Hot Water is Handy

Having a reliable source of hot water in the fall and winter months is something we often take for granted. It’s nice to turn on the ‘hot’ tap and have access to instant heated water for washing, showering or bathing.

We often don’t think about that tank sitting in the basement that sometimes ‘comes on’. Well, until you notice the basement floor is wet.

Hot water tanks are not made to last much more than 12-15 years. That is just the reality of the hard water in our region. Old tanks have been known to spring leaks when the tank corrodes enough to allow water through. If you don’t visit your basement often, this could cause a fair bit of damage if it goes unnoticed for a period of time.

If you feel your home’s hot water tank has run its course and don’t want to wait for it to spring a leak, give us a call. We can advise you on the newest tank technology. They are much more economical to operate over the previous generations of hot water tanks. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that your new water heater comes with a 6-year manufacturer warranty and 1-3 years on various parts (depending on model).

And yes of course, we’ll haul your old tank away and ‘greenly’ dispose of it.

How to choose your next hot water tank

It’s important to choose the correct hot water tank for your home. In order to determine your needs, we’ll look at important details such as:

  1. Home occupants
  2. Appliances that may use hot water
  3. Times of day for peak usage
  4. Overall use
  5. Correct future home sizing (from a home resale standpoint, you shouldn’t incorrectly size your hot water tank)

We install a variety of sizes and manufacturers. It’s best to call our office (519) 621-2206, to see how we can help get your tank replaced.

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