Fall Plumbing Tips

Fall Plumbing Preparation

As the last day of summer has now passed us by, we need to prepare for fall. It's time to check the snowblower oil levels, get fresh new gas and put it in that accessible spot for the winter. Also it's time to think about how the cold weather affects you home's plumbing. Those of us who are homeowners, most have outside taps that need some ... More

Clogged Toilet

When your toilet breaks the agreement

We all have an agreement with our toilets. We put things in them and they take it away. Sometimes, for seemingly unknown reasons, it breaks that agreement. We often get calls from homeowners that their toilets are getting clogged far too often. There are a number of reasons this could be happening. Remember we live in the low-flush ... More

Sump Pump Maintenace

The Importance of Maintaining Your Sump Pump

We don't often think about maintaining our sump pumps. After all, they aren't used much. Most homeowners feel that since they come on once or twice a year, they should last forever. While this may be partially true, they do operate in a harsh environment. They work hard at pumping water from your home, but they also are exposed to dirt, ... More

Christmas Special

Christmas Special – Soft Water

It's the most wonderful time of the year! We're offering our Christmas Special again this year. A $150 - $250 value on a new Water Softener or Reverse Osmosis system. Absolutely nothing says 'I love you' like clean, soft water.  :-) Special Offer Details: - Running from December 1, 2019 through to January 31, 2020 - Free installat... More

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day in Cambridge

We'll soon be ready to remember those who fought and/or gave their lives for our freedom. Remembrance Day is that special occasion where we really think about those brave men and women who served to protect our freedoms. The reality is however, that every day is a day of remembrance. Every day we are reminded of their sacrifices. Cambridge ... More

50 off coupon

A cool $50 off until Thanksgiving

Get $50 off installation of a Reverse Osmosis system, plumbing fixture or water softener when you purchase your equipment from Gowing Brothers Plumbing. This offer valid for Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo customers and only until October 11, 2019. It's a great time to get those last minute jobs done before the colder weather sets in. Call ... More

Hot water tank replacement

Hot Water is Handy

Having a reliable source of hot water in the fall and winter months is something we often take for granted. It's nice to turn on the 'hot' tap and have access to instant heated water for washing, showering or bathing. We often don't think about that tank sitting in the basement that sometimes 'comes on'. Well, until you notice the basement ... More

Summer Special

Summer Sizzler Starts today!

Don't miss out on our Super Sizzling Summer Special. Starting July 22, 2019, Gowing Brothers Plumbing Services is offering free installation on Water Softeners, RO Systems, Whole Home UV Light Systems and Iron Filters. Some restrictions apply. Only until August 31. Call our office for more details or to book your appointment. More

Flo by Moen

Smart Home Water Monitoring and Conservation

An amazing product currently out on the market is 'Flo' by Moen. The system helps avert disaster and conserve water in the home. Having a water disaster in the home is stressful and often expensive. The Flo system helps protect homeowners from costly plumbing system failures. The handy smart system is a 24/7 monitoring device for your ... More

Super Spring Special

Super Spring Special

Just in time for Spring, we're offering our best deal of 2019! For a limited time, get a 4-stage Reverse Osmosis System AND a new and reliable Greenway Water Softener. Protect your home's plumbing (and your own internal plumbing ;-) ) by cleaning the water coming into your home. When you have an RO System, you can help save the environment ... More