Backflow Prevention - Installation, Testing and Surveys

Gowing Brother Plumbing Serices are certified backflow installer, testers and surveyors. We are recognized by and endorsed by the Ontario Waterworks Association as having completed the required Backflow Prevention training (Cross Connection Control Specialist (CCCS)).

Building codes outline best methods for the protection against contamination of our municipal water supply. There are requirements in place to install and certify backflow devices in order to prevent contamination within homes and commercial spaces.

Sprinklers, fire prevention systems and irrigations systems must adhere to municipal building code standards. We have years of experience installing, testing and maintaining backflow systems for residential and commercial properties.

Understanding Backflow Terms

  1. Survey – We will assess your property and identify the type and size of backflow device(s) you’ll need to adhere to building code
  2. Backflow Testing – We’ll testing your existing systems (required by law) on a schedule set in the Ontario Waterworks Association
  3. Install – We will install and certify your backflow devices to ensure your property meets compliance with municipal guidelines
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